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Do You Have a Complaint Relating To Any of the Under listed Matters?

  • Services rendered
  • Conduct of a member of the Judiciary
  • Conduct of a Staff of the Judicial Service

Do You Have a Complaint Relating To Any of the Under listed Matters?

If so, this is what you can:

File/Lodge a Complaint in writing:

  • By post, to The Office of the Chief Justice OR The Office of the Judicial Secretary OR
    The Director of the Public Complaints and Court Inspectorate Unit (please refer to the last page for full addresses)

  • In person to a Public Relations/Complaints Officer in your region OR the Head of the Complaints Unit, Accra OR

  • Online via https://www.judicialservicecomplaints.net, Click Sign Up create an account and SEND COMPLAINT

Information to Provide when Filing/Lodging a Complaint

  • Your name, full current address and contact number(s)
  • A clear and specific heading
  • Details of complaint (where applicable)
    • Suit Number
    • Title of Case
    • Name of Court
  • Name of the Judge or Staff (where necessary)
  • A summary of the complaint (include date, time and location)
  • Attach any evidence to support your complaint (audio, video, hard copies, soft copies etc.)

Types of Complaints

The Complaints Officer receives and deals with a number of complaints including but not limited to the following:

  • Missing Dockets
  • Delay in proceedings
  • Delay in delivery of Judgments
  • Unnecessary adjournments
  • Bias by Judges/Staff
  • Corruption/Bribery
  • Unfair treatment by Judges/Staff
  • Extortion
  • Misconduct by Judges/staff
  • Delay in the issuance of copies of judgments, orders etc.
  • Delay in the execution of court orders/judgments.